Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homemade steak for my birthday dinner

Okey what buat steak sendiri. A good treatment for myself on my own birthday. 
Bukan susah pon. Jimat pon jimat.
Sebab daging dapat free, the rest is only RM9++.
Worth it, right?

Super duper simple yet yummy-licious!!

Btw, what I really love on my birthday is there are so many people wish for my wellness.
I couldn't ask for more. 
Thanks all.

Eh, prasan tak my birthday tak de cake??
It's okay, I requested not to have birthday cake.
I'll just eat all those virtual cakes sent to me via wassap, LOL.

Hopefully, Allah will grant my wish and send me the greatest birthday gift ever on the 
next 9 months...
I'm counting for it.

Happy Birthday to me....lalalalala


  1. wow sodapnya makan stik... hepi besday - Noob

  2. omagad the famous prince of noob comment kat sini. what a surprise...huhu