Monday, July 1, 2013

Asparagus pon sodapp

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Ma baby now is as long as a bunch of asparagus :) weee...hehehe
And he is now kicking super hard until I can obviously see my tummy waving and pulsing. Sometimes when he is hardening, I can't move my tummy.

Dear Baby,
Whatever you do inside my tummy,
Please make sure you are safe. Don't play much with your cord.
And please be in an optimal position so we can meet one fine day in a most natural way it is supposed to.

Dear Baby,
Please do whatever you please inside mummy,
Swimming, kicking, boxing, dancing etc...
Take your own sweet time to be in my tummy..
Yes, as long as you want..
But please not toooo long cause Mummy and Ayah here are missing you already...

And be prepared...
Mummy warns you...
Whenever you get out here..
I'll kiss you face, I'll bite your arms, hands, chin..
And I won't let you off my sight even for a moment.
No one will stop me.
Not even your Ayah!

Your dearest Mommy ;)