Friday, December 21, 2012

Been bizeh...

Actually, I'm supposed to write a paper for a conference next year. But, no idea come to my mind even it is just copy-paste-edit from my previous symposium. So, I took a little time to update this space because I am dead boring reading my entry of Random #6. *you know I'm the only biggest fan of this blog, right? Open and read it all over again. 

I've been a bit busy this week and I'm so stressed out. The only reason I'm busy is to complete my symposium. For those who did not know, UTP practise every semester evaluation for all PG (post-grad) student, by research only. And UTP also practise three semesters in one year. So, One semester = 4 months. And every end of semester we have to come out with a progress report and presentation.

Since, I'm not able to come out with some convincing result this semester as my Matlab coding is not working as I axpected, I have to work until the lastest minutes. *serve me right,huh!

So, yesterday I've finished my presentation and Alhamudulillah it went ok. To be frank, I'm just so afraid-super-scared with my examiner. He-who-must-not-be-named-here! (HWMNBNH)..haha..*cam Voldemort la plak.

Anyway, the reason I'm afraid of him and even his silhouette is because last presentation of mine (we called it RPD. dont ask what RPD mean, please!), he was like bambu me until the last of my breath. haha *drama. Saying that what I did is absurd and the framework is not strong bla..bla..bla.. *you dont want me to tell you every single thing, right? And, I hate him since. *I know HATE is quite harsh!

But, this time, I prepared the bast as I can (I mean by showing him the result that I'm convinced with and hide the rest, which is not) haha.. And, he just going okay with that.

All the long story (blabbering) cut short, I was very grateful that I have friends who make me calm, whenever I said "I scared, I scared"..

To Yaya and Dhati, you are right.. "What doesn't kill us, make us stronger"..

Note: Let's be afraid and strong again next semesters to come.. haha.. (It's obviously a normal routine being a student)


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