Wednesday, February 23, 2011

:: rindu beg ::

Kalo nak ikut kan beg ni mungkin dah lunyai tuan dia pakai... Tapi nak buat camane saya rajin teramat sangat.

So, now showing....

Blue bubbles keisha diapers bag with big blue ribbon. Made for my friend's friend, Hanayuribara Rose a.k.a Zatil (just found out her real name). Before i keep calling her Hanayuribara from her Facebook name. What a long name but memorable one la...

I wonder if she has delivered or not. But hopefully everything is going well and the baby is born healthy and super cute.

Actually, she requested this to be made using blue-yellow stripes fabrics, but, since the fabrics is out of stock and only some left, I've decided to replace it with blue bubbles. And the requested fabric only enough to be made as lining, here we are!!

I hope she like it since I never have time to make follow-up on Zatil.

Below is the backside of the bag. With blue button, also.

This is the inside view that I just talk about (if u ever read).. the inside is so simple and big enough to put baby's stuffs.

Lookin' good, huh?

p/s:: lame giloss tak jahit beg...rindu wooo....

:: HidayahHilman ::

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