Monday, December 6, 2010

:: Black Alphabet Hobo ::

Tadi baru je hantar kat Yna..

Beg ni dah siap lama. But lemmi define "lama".. ade la dalam 5 6 hari lepas.
Tapi sebab dah kehabisan wood ring, so, the bag ended-up in my box a little bit "lama".
So, cari punya cari. Tinjau punya tinjau. Takde kedai yang jual wood ring by itself. Yang ade, wood ring pakej dengan batang langsir tu. Err I mean curtain rail.
takkan nak beli skali dengan curtain rail tu kan..

So, I have decided to use steel ring instead of wood ring.
I have put 3 rings on each side in order to attach the body to the straps.
But I hope this is a temporary adjustment to hobo bag.
I'll use the wood ring or at least something like it right after I found it at reasonable price in any store. I mean "insanely" reasonable..

So, this is the ring I'm talking about. The ring trio..

Not bad,huh!!

A little addition, ade zip kat bag instead of guna magnet snap sahaja..securer kan?..err..I mean more secure.. ;p

The strap is a lil' bit long.. Since it's, not problem with any height.

Sneek peek on the inside..

Ikat jangan tak ikat..

So how?Whaddayasay?
Just tick... (*__^) wink wink!!

See U around guys!!
Err..I means girlssss....

:: HidayahHilman ::