Wednesday, October 13, 2010

:: saya telah mungkir janji lagi ::

I know Im very awful..always cannot keep my promises.

Promise to God.
Promise to my Fiancee.
Promise to my customer.
Promise to blog reader.

After I post simple short entry last evening, i promised that I'll post again that nite but I dont. Actually I'm testing myself to fulfill one simple promise but still I cannot do it. I know posting some demm entry is no biggies but's a promise.

well, they say "manusia berpegang pada janji". Mm..I guessed myself is not complete as a human..I mean "attitude-ly"...not physically.

Let's put a fullstop on that promises thing..


It has been very long since I post something about my craft-handmade world. After Hari Raya i've been very demotivated. Many reasons contributing to that feeling but Im not going to explain everything. But!! i do finish order from Nadiah from Kota Bharu. She placed her order later than everybody else but because she's going back (she's already gone by the time I wrote this) to Egypt 2 weeks after Raya, I have to finish making her bags first.

Thats the good news. But the bad news is I cannot share the pictures of that 2 sling cutches and 3 totes because my pendrive containing the only copy of the pictures was attacked by viruses. And worst news is I already DELETED the copy in my camera and the laptop folder. I know Im so stupid. I felt even more stupid coz this is the second time I did this very regretful-not-very-proud-of action. Yess,, u can say that i never learn!!

Even in my life, i keep repeating mistake I've already done and regret. If you dont trust me, U can go ask my fiancee.. he can even provide u a long list of that silly-repeated mistake. Gosh!!

But here am showing a picture of sling clutch. Belong to Sally's sis.. using pink stripe 2 fabric.

And tonite I am struggling to finish Azman's sling bag. Already done. But I am not satisfied with the result. Look weird to me. but still Im giving him an option either to take that bag or not. if not, i can live with that. If yess, he can take it in half price. huhu. Ofcos I need to cover my modal, rite!!

I guessed that's it for tonite let's meet again next time. I'll tell about my coming wedding (Yess, I'm getting married, itsn't it wonderful? Yet stress!!) and about someone name Yusof bin Jamil.

Nite, tata!

- HidayahHilman -


  1. Selamat menjadi raja sehari... hope everything smooth..

  2. InsyaAllah,,,
    terima kasih atas doanya..

    majlis lambat lg,tgh dalam planning lagi..nanti saya update selalu
    keep reading (^__^)v