Friday, May 17, 2013

Updating this blog just to kill the time-

Feels like so long been ignoring this blog. The last time I blog about is before balik kampung, not for election but before the election. O..balik tolong Mak masak untuk tahlil arwah to'ki. 

2 weeks after that we went balik kampung lagi for election which was very intense in our family. Should I story-mory here? Okay, just lemme list it out, just for my future remembrance  cause I intend to forget anything happened around me. Low capacity of brain memory.

What happened in my families pre- and post- general election of 2013:

1- My younger brother (Pak Ude) was very supportive towards PAS, extreme, if I would say. Made my Papa called him Taliban, haha! We went flag hunting at town. Tak tau mana nak beli bendera, then decided to curik je mane-mane. haha

2- My Mama, who supported/voted for BN for her whole life was in dilemma right until the election day, because my-Taliban-brother, me, all my sisters, and the in-laws except one (Pak De), keep telling her to change the vote this time. Pas. And she was very pening kepala, Hey mana Mama mau pangkah ini kali?? hahaha... And we all said, Ini kalilah, Mama!

3- My Mama was actually afraid if Papa knows that everybody is against BN, Papa would freak out. We kept our choice behind Papa's back.

4- On the night after the election, Papa asked me what I voted for? And nervously said, Of course, Biru la pa! And he said back to me, ha.. I don't believed in you. Haha,, he can read my mind, lol! I just wanted to avoid the lecture!

5- During the result hearing on television, imagine my Papa sat in front of the TV while two of his son-in-laws are reading the result from the internet behind him, quietly not to reveal that they are actually voted for PR. haha,, and my sister coincidentally bad-mouthed (kutuk) BN. And when she realized that Papa was near them, there goes the silent and bunyi-cengkerik-jadi-background!!

6- My hubby and I went balik rumah Mak that night and I fell asleep around 11++pm. And when I woke up at 1++am, he told me that BN won the GE again. Then, we were all frustrated and I kinda tak boleh tido kejap sebab frust sangat. Same goes to my MIL and FIL.  

7- But after all, we kind of felt worth it as long as the candidates that we voted for won, parliament and DUN.. even though the opposition can not rule the state, it's okay as long as we tried.

Regardless  of what political side that we chose to vote for or believed in, I think this election really was the toughest one and we are still a family, I'm glad that we are. Not need to argue or brag about who won and who lost. Just accept the result as it is.

No more political stuff for me after this, I am soooooo tired of following political issues these days. I need to focus for another events in my family..

Till then, my hubby is about to arrive and fetch me. I need to pack my things up. And balik masak - bukak puasa, today my last day ganti puasa. Yeay.

Dada didi dudu!!

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